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Enhanced Carry Permit Class

Online Registration Page 

Submit one form for each student registering.​

ATTENTION READ CAREFULLY. Select from the available class dates shown below. Once the form is submitted correctly, you will receive a confirmation message on this page with further instructions. You may have to click the SUBMIT button more than once! You MUST pay either a downpayment ($45) or a full payment ($165) at the time of registration to reserve your seat. 


By submitting this application, the student agrees to abide by any and all safety procedures required by the Brothers N Arms Gun Range. Safety is the MOST critical issue, and instruction may be terminated at any time if the student is deemed unsafe to themselves and/or anyone else.​

If you have any questions regarding the class you have selected, please get in touch with Joseph Green by phone at (601) 325-5610 or email at


Available class dates:

  1. Saturday, August 17, 2024. Register NOW
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This is the LAST STEP. Save your spot by paying below. 

Once you make a payment you can access the videos HERE. The videos are located at our training website

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Option two - down payment 

Enhanced Carry Permit Class - What to Expect 

The enhanced carry permit class (ECPC) is an 8-hour course with a classroom and a practical portion. If you take the class traditionally, with both the classroom and shooting portion in person, you can expect to be done around 4:30 pm. We will meet at the range at 7:30 am for class check-in and begin training no later than 8:00 am. If you take the class in the blended format, with the classroom completed online and only the shooting in person, you can leave when the shooting portion is complete. Select blending learning on the registration form if interested in the blended learning option. 


If taking the class traditionally, both parts of the enhanced carry permit class are conducted on our premier shooting range conveniently located on Hwy 49 in Hattiesburg, MS. Topics covered in class include safe handling of pistols and revolvers, shooting fundamentals and marksmanship, defensive shooting concepts, Mississippi laws specific to guns and use of defensive force, and more.


Once you have completed the enhanced carry class, you will have satisfied the Mississippi Department of Public Safety requirements and be eligible for your enhanced carry endorsement. You will receive an official Mississippi Department of Public Safety certificate to take to the nearest Mississippi Department of Public Safety substation that handles firearms permits. You do not need a Mississippi Firearms Permit before taking this class. 

Range Time

The range portion of our enhanced carry class consists of a thorough overview of the universal firearms safety rules and detailed training in the use of safe gun handling procedures, shooting fundamentals, and self-defense principles. 


Live fire drills will be utilized and performed from various yardages. The drills performed are designed to develop consistent use of proper pistol shooting fundamentals and overall proficiency with your handgun. After training and performing drills the student will then shoot a qualification course of fire that will be scored on a point system. The majority of your shots will be from the standing two-hand position, but you will also fire from the one-handed position using both the support and the strong hand. 

What to do after class

Once you have completed the enhanced carry class, you will receive a "Certified Firearms Training Program" certificate from your instructor for the MS Department of Public Safety. You will take your certificate to one of the highway patrol locations that handle firearms permits. They will issue a new permit with the words "instructor certified" if you already have a concealed carry firearms permit. Otherwise, you will go through the entire concealed carry permit process, and when you get your permit, it will have the "Instructor Certified" printed. For your convenience, our certified instructors help you find not only the highway patrol office you will need to go to but also the dates and times they are open. If you don't like waiting in lines, scheduling an appointment to turn your application in is recommended. You can schedule an appointment by going >HERE<. Your Enhanced Carry endorsement does NOT EXPIRE, but the permit must be renewed every five years. To get the current firearm permit application from the Mississippi Department of Public Safety click >HERE<

About the MS Enhanced Carry Permit

During the 1990 session, the Mississippi Legislature passed legislation authorizing the Department of Public Safety to issue statewide firearm permits to individuals who make >applicationand pay a fee. In the years to follow, the State of MS passed legislation allowing individuals to receive an Enhanced Carry Endorsement on their standard concealed carry permit. The enhanced carry endorsement removes most of the standard concealed carry firearms permit restrictions. Having the restrictions removed allows the enhanced carry permit holder to carry a concealed pistol, revolver, or stun gun just about anywhere in the state.


Unfortunately, there are no clear standards of training regulated by the Mississippi Department of Public Safety. Brothers N Arms, LLC and Close Quarter Combat, LLC, recognized that problem immediately and responded by developing a standard of training that is second to none. Our mission is to provide law-abiding citizens with superior-quality firearms training, instruction, and education. When you take an Enhanced Carry Class with us at our range in Hattiesburg, MS, you can rest assured that you will get the education and training you need to feel confident when carrying a concealed pistol, revolver, or stun gun.

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