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Join Now and Start Training

Join today and become part of South Mississippi's premier outdoors gun range. We have a strong community and welcome new members who have the same values as we do. We believe in learning and helping others learn how to safely and effectively use firearms of all types. We strive to help remove firearms ignorance and lack of understanding in hopes of strengthening the community's desire to uphold and protect our Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. 

How to Join the Range


You must read the range rules and take the quiz below. You must score 100% on the quiz to be considered for membership. You may take the quiz as many times as necessary. All answers to the quiz are located on the Range Rules page of this website.


Select the correct membership option. Membership options are located <HERE>. You will be required to provide a state-issued or federal-issued ID for certain memberships, such as the "Hero" membership or the "Senior" membership. Once the membership option is selected, you will be asked to sign up for an account (which will be reviewed and approved by staff) so that you can use your credit card to pay. 


The final step is to go through the new member orientation and get your range ID. We want to ensure that you understand the range rule and operational procedures and give you an opportunity to ask questions and get answers! 

Step Two:
Pay Membership Dues >HERE<

Membership agreement and release of liability.

Each prospective member must read and accept ALL sections of this membership agreement when they join the range. It is a contract between you and the range governing our relationship. It protects both of us and sets up member responsibilities and membership conditions.  


By submitting the above form, you are expressly acknowledging that you have read and understand the contents of this agreement; that you have had an opportunity to ask questions about its contents; that you have the right to consult with your legal counsel about its effects, including the liability waiver and hold harmless agreement; that you are attesting to the truthfulness of any statements you are required to acknowledge as a condition of membership; and that you agree to be legally bound by all terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.

Membership Agreement

This Membership Agreement is made and entered into by and between Brothers N Arms, LLC and 

(“I,” “me,” or “member”).


It has been explained to me, and I understand that using, discharging, or being in the vicinity of firearms is inherently dangerous and may result in me becoming injured, seriously injured, or killed. Also, I understand that lead in ammunition is a hazardous material that can cause serious illness, injury, or death if inhaled or absorbed by my body. I understand that risk of injury may include, but is not limited to, those caused by terrain, facilities, temperature, weather, lack of hydration, condition of participants, equipment, and actions of others. I acknowledge that I have carefully read this agreement and understand the risks involved. With that in mind, I voluntarily accept the risk of coming onto and remaining on Brothers N Arms, LLC property, including 4657 US Hwy 49 Hattiesburg, MS 39401. I agree to release and hold harmless from all actions, torts, lawsuits, etc., Brothers N Arms, LLC, its officers, owners, agents, employees, range officers, and any host organization. I accept and understand the above terms as a member, visitor, guest, spectator, competitor, student, or any other capacity I may represent on Brothers N Arms LLC property.


A.    Members are fully responsible for their own actions as well as the actions of their guests. Members understand that they are allowed to bring a guest for a $15 guest fee and MUST provide the guest’s state-issued I.D. number to staff. If staff is not present, guests must write their I.D. number next to their name on the Sign-In sheet located outside the Range House door. Members also understand that they are PROHIBITED from sharing any access code or lock code with any non-member.

B.    Members are fully responsible for their personal property and their guests' property and vehicles. In no case will Brothers N Arms, LLC be responsible for the safety of or the damage to any member's or guest's property.

C.    Members are fully responsible for any children they bring with them. In no case will the children of any member or guest be allowed on the property without the adult member's or adult guest's immediate supervision at all ALL TIMES. Children cannot climb, dig in, or damage the ground surface, landscape, or berms.


Any member, guest, or person that fails to obey any safety rule, policy, sportsmanship rule, contest rule, training rule, or any other term of entrance is subject to suspension or revocation of their membership or range usage rights. No monies, membership dues, fees, or deposits will be refunded if any person is required to leave the property or any membership is suspended or revoked for failing to obey any rule.


Brothers N Arms, LLC reserves the right to close the range to members for any necessary reason. Brothers N Arms, LLC will make all reasonable efforts to minimize range closings and notify members before closing the range.


Brothers N Arms, LLC is committed to being an equal-opportunity recreation and training facility. We do not conduct background investigations of you or other members or users of our facilities, and we do not independently verify the mental condition or criminal history of you or other members and users of our facilities. However, if the management of Brothers N Arms, LLC learns of such information, we do reserve the right to refuse the use of our facility to anyone based on criminal history or to anyone with a history of mental illness that we believe may or will pose a safety threat to others. We pledge to remain open-minded about any mental illness history and to evaluate each case individually. We will not knowingly subject any person to an unsafe or unstable shooting environment. Persons who are forbidden by law from possession of a firearm are not authorized to be on the property. By initialing this paragraph and signing this agreement, you expressly represent that you are not prohibited by law or any court order from possessing a firearm and that you are mentally fit to use firearms.


Except for normal wear and tear, any damage to any property is the member's responsibility to repair or replace at Brothers N Arms, LLC’s discretion. It is also the member's responsibility to report any damage or destruction of any property. Members are fully responsible for the actions of their guests.


The Brothers N Arms, LLC reserves the right to forbid the use, discharge, or possession of any firearm, ammunition, archery bow, air gun, or any other property brought on the Brothers N Arms, LLC property. Any property deemed unsafe will be removed immediately from the Brothers N Arms, LLC property. These may be secured in a vehicle until the member leaves the Brothers N Arms property.


Members and their guests will always follow the commands of the Brothers N Arms, LLC officials. Members and their guests will always obey all posted signs, notices, and directives, including all traffic signs on the roadways entering and exiting the range.

* Members will obey all posted and published safety rules.

* At no time will firearms, regardless of whether or not they are loaded, be pointed at or in the direction of any person.

* Members will keep their fingers off the triggers and outside the trigger guard until the firearm is pointed safely down range.

* All guns will be treated as if they are loaded at all times.

* Firearms will only be fired into the approved and designated berms.

* At NO time will a firearm be pointed in the direction of the range house or the parking area.


All members and guests are required to use verbal range commands. These commands are:

"RANGE IS GOING HOT" - When loading and before firing the firearm.

"RANGE IS COLD" - When your firearm is empty of ammunition and made safe (cylinder open or slide locked back and magazine removed).

"GOING DOWNRANGE" - When all firearms are empty and safe, announce before walking downrange to check targets. NO firearms handling while someone is downrange.

" CEASE FIRE" - If you see any unsafe act or action at any time. Stop shooting immediately, and make firearms safe.


Any member or other person who participates in any activity conducted on the Brothers N Arms, LLC property by Brothers N Arms, LLC or any other group must obey all range, match, club, contest, and safety rules.


Any range property loaned or rented to any member or guest is the member's responsibility. The member must return, repair, or replace this property. Only approved ammunition will be fired through rental firearms.


Membership dues are due and payable on the annual anniversary of the member's initial membership. A 30 (thirty) day grace period will be allowed to pay annual dues. Membership dues will renew the membership for one year from the effective expiration date, regardless of the date paid.

After the grace period, any prior discounts or member status will be revoked, and the member will need to re-enroll as a new member.  A late fee may be assessed. Yearly membership dues are subject to change upon renewal. Other rules may apply.


Reloaded ammunition is allowed. Brothers N Arms, LLC is not and will not be responsible for any damage to property or injuries to persons from the use of reloaded or hand-loaded ammunition. Tracer, armor piercing, light armor piercing (Green Tip), incendiary, or explosive ammunition is prohibited unless a managing member of Brothers N Arms, LLC approves it. Only factory new or approved reloads will be allowed to be fired in firearms belonging to Brothers N Arms, LLC. This includes Brothers N Arms LLC rental firearms.


Firearms are only to be loaded on a range firing line. No loaded firearms are to be left unattended for any reason. No loaded firearms are allowed inside the clubhouse, restrooms, or any parking area unless they are secured in a holster and worn on the body in an approved manner.


If moving from one range or bay to another is required, all handguns must remain cased, flagged in an approved manner, or holstered until arrival at the next range or bay.


All long guns must be cased and unloaded before entering the firing line. All long guns must be unloaded and cased before leaving the firing line.



If a medical emergency requires medical treatment, and Brothers N Arms LLC calls for emergency services, Brothers N Arms LLC is not responsible for medical treatment or the cost incurred from medical transportation. This is for members, associate members, children, and guests.


I FULLY UNDERSTAND AND AGREE to the above terms and conditions and hereby willfully submit the above application for membership to the Brothers N Arms, LLC shooting range. I FULLY UNDERSTAND that this membership is subject to suspension or revocation for violation of the above agreement. No refunds will be issued. I FULLY UNDERSTAND that the use of firearms is inherently dangerous, and I AM AWARE that being in the vicinity of firearms can result in the loss of life. I WILL FOLLOW ALL SAFETY RULES to ensure a safe shooting environment for everyone.

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