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Joe with Kayana
Women's firearms instruction
Woman learning how to shoot.
Woman shooting a handgun

Women's Firearms Training 

Top-notch instruction without the EGO! 

Ladies, if you want to learn about firearms safety, shooting a firearm, and/or how to protect yourselves then you have come to the right place. Brothers N Arms Gun Range and Close Quarter Combat, LLC, have teamed up to provide you with the training, information and tools necessary to become confident and competent so that you can take charge of your personal protection.


Our training is conducted by highly rated and professional instructor, Joseph Green.  Joseph is highly regarded for his ability to convey information to the women he trains in way that is humble and easily obtainable. Training is guaranteed to be intimidation free and ego free. We understand that men and women learn differently and we tailor our training to your needs. Be sure to ask for Joseph Green by name if you are interested in learning how to protect yourself. If you would like to train with us or simply would like more information on our training please contact us HERE

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